dinsdag 15 december 2009

Mobster Kane Intro scene/background

Hey, Here is an image of the introscene, which also shows the background uses in the other scenes as well.



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  1. Hey Dirk, I like your design for the background, it is a good idea to make it wider, add on both sides some more floor and columns, so that you may use different portions (see horizontal pan) in your animation, I would add the door where the character comes in, as far as I remember from your sb, and check the perspective, the shadows of the columns seem to go another direction than the rest. Also you've lost a little the high ceiling feeling from your previous storybaord, the collage version, maybe the point of view needs to be lowered a bit, so is the floor, to add space to your room. I will be interested to see how you develop this style, at the moment the lines and b/w make me think more of an african print than a film noir, but hey, mafia is everywhere right? ;) A word of advice, keep everything in layers, is then easier to change things...