donderdag 28 januari 2010


Thank you to all the participants yesterday for the presentation of their animation projects, it was a good day with lots of cool visual ideas, all of your hard work has paid off! Popcorn, wine, beer and cookies were at hand to make the premiere even more enjoyable....

The audience award went to Jasenko with his 'Escape from delirium' animation, but check all the funky animations on the bbbdelft youtube channel !

dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Mad House of Architects

Here is the low resolution pre-Final Video. On you tube i will upload the final-final one soon

Final(ly) Movie Uploaded

The final movie can be found on YOUTUBE!!

"leave no Groom behind"
inspired on:

Tim Burtons, Corpse Bride

if link does not work..

Kind regards Hylke DUinsbergen


short compilation of some sketches that I made for the BBB course..

maandag 25 januari 2010

How to prepare your .swf for import into After Effects

Ah, het wordt spannend!!

Denise, thank you so much for your reply, I add here below my reply to Hylke's emai about how to prepare your flash files for after effects:

After importing all your flash files
1-make a new composition for each of your swf files and name them with numbers so that you can keep the order of how the movie should play.
2- make a new composition, ctrl-n, and make it 525 x 288 pixels. This is 50% smaller than our movie, and it can be uploaded on the youtube channel.
3- In this MAIN composition put on the timeline all of your compositions which have the sfw in it so that your movie is one string of small compositions. You have to shrink the compositions to fit this smaller size, press shift to keep proportions.
4- on the top layer add any music sound effect you need
5- export, cntrl-m, and in the render queue panel put render settings= best settings, click on output modules and choose quick time, check the audio option, and then in output to choose the folder where you want your movie.
6- press render! it should be ok, will be big but not as big in size as you have now
7-upload on the bbbdelft youtube channel, username bbbdelft, password (to be mailed to you individually)

and don't worry if your movie is big, more than 1 gig, you can still upload it on Youtube!

hope this help....

bericht aan Hylke

Hey Hylke, ik heb je vragen gelezen!

Problem 1; If I start rendering, i get separate movies so question1:
How Can I render so that i have 1 continuous file instead of 9..?

Je moet de bestanden naar 1 file slepen. Zodat je de stukjes achter elkaar kan plakken.
dan moet je deze file alleen in je render queue zetten. Wanneer je dan weer op het tabblad dat je wilt renderen staat, kun je hem exporteren naar whatever. (ik heb hem naar .mov gedaan maar weet niet of dat de bedoeling is)

And problem 2; When I render my files i end up with files 420MB each!
so the question2: What are the requested render settings for the final movie? Or aren't there any?

Deze weet ik niet zeker, maar ik geloof dat je nog met je flash bestanden werkt (.swf) sleep deze files naar het film-stripje onder in je beeldscherm (wanneer je erop staat komt bij mij inbeeld: create a new composition) Hierdoor worden je bestanden kleiner om mee te werken en heb je minder kans dat je file vast komt te lopen.

echter heb ik gemerkt worden enkele dingen uit flash niet meegenomen wanneer je ze importeerd in After Effects (zoals het loopwerk,geluid e.d.)

ik hoop dat je hier iets wijzer van wordt! Succes!

groetjes Denise
My movie on youtube can be find with the name:
I Don't know how to place a Youtube file to this window. this is the link:


Hi All,

These are 3 screen-shots from my flash document.
I must note that 1 mask in the first screen shot had a glitch so the palm tree didn't is supposed to be in front..

Hope you enjoy them ;)
Kind regards Hylke

After effects

Hey, problem and question;

I have imported all my flash files into Adobe - After Effects..
The problem I run into now is the following

Problem 1;
If I start rendering, i get separate movies
so question1:

How Can I render so that i have 1 continuous file instead of 9..?

And problem 2;
When I render my files i end up with files 420MB each!
so the question2:

What are the requested render settings for the final movie?
Or aren't there any?

I hope someone is currently monitorring the blog ;)
Will also e-mail these questions to the teachers

Kind regards,


donderdag 21 januari 2010

Final Scene

This is the last background specially created for the last Scene where the girl is at the beach chilling and hanging out.

Kind regards, Hylke

Update Characters

Hi all,

I edited my characters some more, tweaked them a little to make them more convincing.
Also created my first Flash file with the story but its now to big to upload.
If I fix that problem it will be posted on youtube =)

Kind regards, Hylke

dinsdag 19 januari 2010

progress marijn

Hey, my first blog entry, nice on time haha

sorry guys, here are some snapshots of what i have been up to.

my current storyboard

My character models:

My first ''shots'' made in photoshop:

see you guys tomorrow,


maandag 18 januari 2010

Re: urgent: making the movie??!!

> hi cesare,
> today I finished my last scene, and I tried to combine all the scenes.. but it doesn't work in flash (at least not the way I'm trying it..)
> I've heard you talking about After Effects: is that program more suitable for editing the entire movie?
> what can you recommend me to use?
> greetings
> gwen

Hi Gwen,
Good to hear you're better :)
If you try to do it in Flash you will get confilcts if the names of your movieclips are the same, amongst other issues, so it is not recommended to compile it in Flash.

Yes, After Effects is the program to compile all your Flash .swf files on one timeline.

You can download a free trial from adobe, then go to file import and import all your sfw files. Then make a new composition size 1050x 576, and put all your swf on the timeline one after the other. After Effects is also good to add any music/ sound effects to your movie. Import them just like the flash files.

Then select your composition name on the timeline, then on the above menu go to Composition, >make movie, in the Render Queue choose Best Settings, and settings and as per Output module Quicktime, Animation compression. Choose in which folder where you want to save your movie and click 'render'.

Next wednesday I am available for assistance, hope to see you there...

Veel groeten

dinsdag 12 januari 2010


Some backgrounds

The inside of the prison

The outside of the prison

Inside the prison from above


This are my characters of the film Shawshank Redemption.

All of my characters are prisoners.
There is a big mean guy who is a bully and you have main character Andy and his friend Red.

Denise take 1 Da Vinci code

Gwen's Bladerunner (in progress)

Background - Scene

Here we see the background, the place where the story takes part.

The characters (heroes)

Here we see my characters protagonist-each one separately in different reaction on every occasion. They are 4 architects and their "angry" boss.

Final Storyboard

Here we see the final and whole storyboard.
The story is inspired from the movie of "One Flew over the Cuckoos nest" with Jack Nickolson.

scenes da vinci code

these are the backgrounds for the film, I don't got a real main background. cause the haunted man is running fast from room to room to chapel. The part of Da Vinci, comes back in the Da Vinci paintings.

Characters for the Da Vinci Code

Hey, these are the characters I use for my film version of the Da Vinci Code. My evil character, the chaser, is the dark black monk with red eyes. The haunted man is the Bishop, with the scared face and red robes.

maandag 4 januari 2010

Character Update

Hey all,

I forgot to mention the movie I'm using for the assignment is:
Corpse Bride by Tim Burton

I also have been working on the characters of my animation.
They are not painted like the background, I didnt like that look and so I wanted to go for the flash / style animation with these painted backgrounds,,

reference: (bit of inspired by this)

I worked quite a while on these,
There not finished jet, but this is the progress until 4th of January 2010

Let me introduce them to you all;

1) top left> EVIL Victor von Dort> The person who in the original movie is harmless and scarred transforms (in the girl here future vision) into a dirty guy with zits and a scary look =)
2) top center> Victoria Everglot> The girl wich is present at the changing room and which was marry-ing the guy.
3) top right>Victor von Dort> The guy waiting at the altar to mary the girl
4) bottom> Pastor Galswells> The priest who is present at the church to marry the couple

I would say,,

Enjoy and when I have more information I will update on the blog!
Kind regards; Hylke Duinsbergen

Main Characters


Hi all, Had some nice day's off?
I noticed that none material is present belonging to me
Al tough I have not been sitting still these holidays etc.


Here is a Update of my work
Aquarell Paintings made to be the background of my animation

3 (backgrounds total)

The first background is the building for the intro (setting the athmosphere)
The seccond is the interior of the building (church)
Here a part of the seccond scene and the fourth will take place
The last background is from the room where the bride dresses,, and gets here flash back // future view

I hope you get a small impression of my work so far on the backgrounds

p.s. This is the first time I used Aquarell as a method of design
If someone has negative / positive comments they are welcome
ANd maybe I can use it for the next time,
It is appreciated =)! (i wont bite)

Kind regards, Hylke Duinsbergen