maandag 18 januari 2010

Re: urgent: making the movie??!!

> hi cesare,
> today I finished my last scene, and I tried to combine all the scenes.. but it doesn't work in flash (at least not the way I'm trying it..)
> I've heard you talking about After Effects: is that program more suitable for editing the entire movie?
> what can you recommend me to use?
> greetings
> gwen

Hi Gwen,
Good to hear you're better :)
If you try to do it in Flash you will get confilcts if the names of your movieclips are the same, amongst other issues, so it is not recommended to compile it in Flash.

Yes, After Effects is the program to compile all your Flash .swf files on one timeline.

You can download a free trial from adobe, then go to file import and import all your sfw files. Then make a new composition size 1050x 576, and put all your swf on the timeline one after the other. After Effects is also good to add any music/ sound effects to your movie. Import them just like the flash files.

Then select your composition name on the timeline, then on the above menu go to Composition, >make movie, in the Render Queue choose Best Settings, and settings and as per Output module Quicktime, Animation compression. Choose in which folder where you want to save your movie and click 'render'.

Next wednesday I am available for assistance, hope to see you there...

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