maandag 25 januari 2010

How to prepare your .swf for import into After Effects

Ah, het wordt spannend!!

Denise, thank you so much for your reply, I add here below my reply to Hylke's emai about how to prepare your flash files for after effects:

After importing all your flash files
1-make a new composition for each of your swf files and name them with numbers so that you can keep the order of how the movie should play.
2- make a new composition, ctrl-n, and make it 525 x 288 pixels. This is 50% smaller than our movie, and it can be uploaded on the youtube channel.
3- In this MAIN composition put on the timeline all of your compositions which have the sfw in it so that your movie is one string of small compositions. You have to shrink the compositions to fit this smaller size, press shift to keep proportions.
4- on the top layer add any music sound effect you need
5- export, cntrl-m, and in the render queue panel put render settings= best settings, click on output modules and choose quick time, check the audio option, and then in output to choose the folder where you want your movie.
6- press render! it should be ok, will be big but not as big in size as you have now
7-upload on the bbbdelft youtube channel, username bbbdelft, password (to be mailed to you individually)

and don't worry if your movie is big, more than 1 gig, you can still upload it on Youtube!

hope this help....

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