maandag 4 januari 2010

Main Characters


Hi all, Had some nice day's off?
I noticed that none material is present belonging to me
Al tough I have not been sitting still these holidays etc.


Here is a Update of my work
Aquarell Paintings made to be the background of my animation

3 (backgrounds total)

The first background is the building for the intro (setting the athmosphere)
The seccond is the interior of the building (church)
Here a part of the seccond scene and the fourth will take place
The last background is from the room where the bride dresses,, and gets here flash back // future view

I hope you get a small impression of my work so far on the backgrounds

p.s. This is the first time I used Aquarell as a method of design
If someone has negative / positive comments they are welcome
ANd maybe I can use it for the next time,
It is appreciated =)! (i wont bite)

Kind regards, Hylke Duinsbergen

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