maandag 4 januari 2010

Character Update

Hey all,

I forgot to mention the movie I'm using for the assignment is:
Corpse Bride by Tim Burton

I also have been working on the characters of my animation.
They are not painted like the background, I didnt like that look and so I wanted to go for the flash / style animation with these painted backgrounds,,

reference: (bit of inspired by this)

I worked quite a while on these,
There not finished jet, but this is the progress until 4th of January 2010

Let me introduce them to you all;

1) top left> EVIL Victor von Dort> The person who in the original movie is harmless and scarred transforms (in the girl here future vision) into a dirty guy with zits and a scary look =)
2) top center> Victoria Everglot> The girl wich is present at the changing room and which was marry-ing the guy.
3) top right>Victor von Dort> The guy waiting at the altar to mary the girl
4) bottom> Pastor Galswells> The priest who is present at the church to marry the couple

I would say,,

Enjoy and when I have more information I will update on the blog!
Kind regards; Hylke Duinsbergen

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  1. Nice to see these chs, I think you can push more the 'zits' face, maybe also more the zombie aspect, and overall appearance of the character to bring more contrast to the idealised vision the girl has...Also all the chs could do with more playful proportions: at the moment the torso, legs and head are roughly the same size. By playing around, you can make the shapes more interesting. A way to experiment is to draw silhouttes in black, no details that may be distracting. If that silhouette has strong formal qualities your character will stand out...