donderdag 17 december 2009

storyboard benine part 4

-Antoinette asks her husband what he things about her new beautiful acquisitions;
-Boss seems absent and
watch indifferently;
-Antoinette start to nag and whine: Boss doesn't spend that much attention to her, ect);
-->she is angry and jumps.

-then a big movement, shock and the workmen's clock starts to freaking out.
-->Boss surprised and Antoinette scared.

-Boss says he has to fix it, as a president of the under workmen's world;
-he is goiing to the lift.

-zoom out, world and city background appears again;
-underworld slide in and is a invert of the upper rich world;
-->you see a dot (the lift) moving from above to down.

-when the lift is nearly down the background turns upside down
-zoom in on lift

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