woensdag 9 juni 2010

import audio in After Effects

Hi everyone, just a quick note to thank you for the productive day and the super good visuals you are producing. We are at the point where you have reached a high level of design, and now is your mission to give justice to your visuals and push it through the final stages of production, which will dictate how your final movie will be seen. If this was the Giro di Italia, you're climbing the last hill, or mountain, before you get to ride downhill in full speed to the finish ;).
I post above a screenshot from After Effects with just some notes about importing sound and making a simple transition, for some reason today in class the 'audio levels' option was not visible. Some of you may find that adding sound in After effects and layer it on top of your final movie/s may be the way to go as the final step bfore rendering your movie. Ok, so stay cool, plan ahead, and who need to sleep anyway right? :)

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