zondag 20 juni 2010

Color difference between monitors

Hey guys,

After doing everything on my laptop I am surprised to find out that if you look at my movie on a different screen, the colors look really ugly.
-Is there a way to prevent this?
( I used web colors, thinking they would probably be the same anywhere.)
-Can I adjust it in After effects?

help :s

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  1. Hi Jaap, in so far that I have seen your graphics, what you've uploaded here on the blog looks with the right colors, just as I saw them on your screen. A difference in colors between screens is almost unavoidable, however the use of a color calibration device, Pantone Huey 1.0.5 for example, is recommended to have your monitor color calibrated. Also between Mac and PC you can see a difference, Mac tends to be lighter colors, so just stick to web colors and you will be fine.