donderdag 24 juni 2010

deel 2

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  1. Hi Pamela, thanks for uploading! As mentioned by email, I think your storyboard is a good start and here is my reaction as I wrote to you, maybe someone else wants to comment as well :)
    Few comments to take into consideration:

    -you don't want to show the gargoile/duivel in the first shot when the protagonist appraoches the church. If you show just a glance of the eyes, a silhouette, and also only a moving shadow silently flying down towards the character, this creates much more tension, so keep your climax to the very end when we see in the horrified expression of our poor protagonist the fear in his eyes, only then we see the devil!

    -watch out for the composition of the shot, scene 29-31 and 32, how are you going to show these scenes? Look at action movies for reference and how they compose their shot, you probably have to break it down in a few separate shots, to convey the sense of the action. I think Michiel had to think hard about the built up of his scene, maybe you can ask him for advice.

    If you can change the sb and reupload it then you can get busy with producing your animation!