dinsdag 18 mei 2010


I've also made a trial in flash, to test how long is needed for each scene. Now, it is too big to upload it here. Does anyone know how I can decrease the size of it?

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  1. Cool characters Iris. Raphael has some nice le Corbusier glasses :). I like the storyboard as well, but i don't understand why this Amelie and Raphael change their minds from wanting to stop the absurd houseparty to > regret of doing that to > willing to join the party?

  2. Hey Iris, I also like your SB, it has potential to be very funny and shows the house from Le Corbusier in a new way. I think Luc has pointed out a good question, which is that you need to show the gnomes making a mess in the kitchen, breaking glasses, throwing food on the walls, you know theu usual drunken gnomes behaviour ;)

    That is why Amelie and partner get pissed off right? and as they chase the gnome he falls off the table....it means showing first anger, then they are sorry for the gnome, and then they all live happily thereafter....

  3. To solve this, you can add to the SB a couple of close ups:
    1- of Amelie and her man showing their anger at the messy kitchen,
    2 -then a close up of the gnome as he's jumped off the table and realises he's cracking up, and then a few panels later a view again of the empty messy after the party kitchen with the broken gnome followed by
    3- a close up of the face of Amelie showing sorrow for the gnome, then your storyline should be clear :)

  4. Thanks for the comments! When I look back at my SB, I see that I indeed miss a few frames to make the story clear. So, I'm gonna work on that :) See you tomorrow!