maandag 17 mei 2010

Guidelines about your Final backgrounds

Hey, just some guidelines on background construction to refresh Henning's presentation last week.

Here's the talented background designer Bradley Gake. Look how he designs the first rough with very bold lines, creating a striking composition, then digitally colors it in black and white to get the light and shadows in place, only then he finalises with the final colors. This process can be done in Illustrator, but Photoshop can also be used.

Look how the perspective and viewpoints are correct but he has designed the buildings playing with scale and stretched them to get this amazing retro future look.
Also Bradley Gake, not a parallel line in sight!!, and the donut is especially for Michiel :) .
He also draws directly in Flash, by putting your drawing on a separate layer you can achieve pretty interesting results, and your file size remains very small.

Designs from Robert C Valley,

Amazing futuristic bg for the animated series 'Samurai Jack', one of my all time favorites.
If you learn to stylize your architecture, it will help you play with geometrical forms and push your design to the next level....
Think how your action is taking place and plan your sequence to see what needs to be made and what you don't have to design, it saves you a lot of unnecessary work, this is my bg for Kika & Bob

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