maandag 17 mei 2010

Guidelines for your final Character designs

Ok, I am posting a few pics as Guideline for your final Character designs: basically you should look in your character and design the main poses that you will use in your animation: this model sheet is courtesy of , don't focus on the style but I would advise you to study how these characters are made, use your architectonic knowledge of volumes, cylinders, circles, etc to make your basic character shapes.

We would like to see a 'turn around', that is your character in front view, 3/4, side, and back.
There is a reason to keep it simple:
These are just examples, if you decide to be more realistic is fine, the same rules apply!!

Courtesy Fan Boy and Chum

This sheet is part of the Kika & Bob animation series I have worked on and it was designed by Bobbypola

Foster's home for imaginary friends

Reference is important: don't just draw your characters, it is much more effective if you research your character, is he/she good or evil, friendly or aggressive, what are the main features? Study photographs, famous people or people you know can be a good source of inspiration. We are not trying to make a caricature, we want to convey as much 'essence' of the character as possible with least amount of work!

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  1. omg i wanna be in your class...this is so informative and a must to know for someone like me who plans on doing character design for life!!