zondag 16 mei 2010

Building studies


I've posted some sketches and drawings I have edited in Illustrator. The good work by Mr. Dudok has been altered a little:P I hope he doesn't mind the donut.
Still developing the style of the drawings. These are scanned pen drawings, and 'live traced' and coloured in Illustrator. To be continued...

1 opmerking:

  1. I like these bg's a lot! The atmosphere and color palette works well, and I think the 'Americana' style suits Dudok's building, don't you? My only suggestion would be to a few more arrows signs, like ' free rooms available' or something like that to add even more contrasting shapes, just look up some american motels for ref. Maybe it could be an idea to add a 'bridal suite with view from the tower' sign, then the story can turn into 'violent husband finds out about wife's escapade with lover and takes his bloody revenge by blowing both away' kind of narrative ;)...just a thought...