dinsdag 20 april 2010

The BBB Train is about to depart!!!

http://images.movieplayer.it/2004/02/11/dario-argento-sul-set-del-film-la-terza-madre-41259.jpgHello everyone, The Beeld, Beweging en Beleving ( yes, Image, Motion, Experience you know...;) is starting again, and we are ready to dive into the world of animation and storyboarding!
Here below I post again some tutorials that I found useful to get the basis of what animation is about. They help you in starting on the right foot instead of ending up tearing your hair out in desperation...so download the tuts at the links below and enjoy!
ps: one link is for photoshop brushes that may help you draw more wicked characters ....

stop frame animation.zip
make lip synching easy.zip
animating scenery in after effects.zip
animatic in after effects.zip
animate a character in after effects.zip

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